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Chinese Drywall – Exposure To Fumes From Chinese Drywall May Be Linked To Health Issues

Chinese Drywall

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There are a lot of complaints concerning Chinese Drywall which seems to be linked to some serious health issues. Individuals who have it in their homes say it causes red eyes and eye irritations. It can also affect your sinus and respiratory organs. People with Asthma have severe problems with their respiratory systems due to irritation from the fumes of Chinese Drywall. The following problems have been reported:

1. Asthma Attacks
2. Nose Bleeds and Sinus Problems
3. Respiratory Difficulty
4. Coughing Spells and Sore Throats
5. Dizziness From Exposure
6. Fatigue That Is Intermittent
7. Gastrointestinal Troubles
8. Headaches And Rashes
9. Red and Irritated Eyes
10.Nausea and Vomiting

As the Chinese Drywall story continues, the web gets more and more interesting. As the investigation continues, it has been learned that the some of the drywall is labeled and others are not labeled. This makes it hard to identify Chinese Drywall by name only.

AC Coils Damaged

AC Coils Damaged by Chinese Drywall Photo Source

There are some people claiming that Chinese Drywall was made with phosphogypsum, a radioactive phosphorous substance. This can release Radon into your home over time. This could be a serious problem but has not been substantiated yet. According to Ron Bailey of the Florida Coalition For Chinese (Reactive) Drywall, they have not found any homes that were radioactive as of this date. More investigation needs to be done. If you feel that your home is radioactive, contact the Environmental Protection Agency immediately.

In conclusion, the ongoing investigation into Chinese Drywall continues with input from multiple organizations including the Consumer Products Safety Commission. In a recent Senate Hearing, the CPSC Investigators said they experienced some of these same symptoms when visiting affected homes in Florida. There are multiple symptoms that can especially affect individuals with Allergies and Asthma. If you feel that you have been exposed to Chinese Drywall, contact your Doctor immediately.

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