Mold Remediations

Mold Remediation’s

mold remediations

mold remediation

If your home is contaminated with mold, it has to be removed as soon as possible. You want to do this to prevent the members of your household from getting exposed or sick. If the mold is left unchecked for a long enough period, it will start to decay the structure. There are many different methods or technique for mold remediation’s and mold removal. They are depend up the extent and the type of problem you are dealing with.
Mold Remediation Areas

Are the adjacent areas sealed off from mold remediation’s and contamination during the remediation process? This door is sealed with 6 mil plastic. This is not the perfect solution, but it is acceptable. We generally will requre the remediation contractor to seal the wall around door with furring strips screwed into the dry wall instead of 3M Contractor Tape. The bottom can be sealed with a variety of different methods. This makes it air tight for microbial intrusion. This helps prevent the adjacent area from getting contaminated during the tear out phase of the mold cleanup.

Mold Remediation Door


If you are a home owner, you will want the job done right. The picture on this page is just a sample idea of what to look for in a remediation job. To do the job right, follow the methodology that is outlined in the IICRC S-520 Guidelines For Mold Remediation available from the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Mold Remediation’s

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